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Fists in Solidarity

Support us via your business or organisation

To ensure the successful running of the Lee Hub it is essential that we generate the necessary funds and income to pay for the yearly overheads of running this community asset and providing essential equipment

So there's the need to find fundraising ideas, donations, grants and sponsorship opportunities. 

If you have any ideas for fundraising or sponsor then get in touch to:

support our fundraising campaigns

Make a DONATion here

To manage donation made to the Lee Hub, we are using the CAF Donate online platform to manage the donations for various 'Fundraising Campaigns' designed for specific requirements meaning all you need to do is to click on the 'Donate' button below and make your donation.              


Every penny counts so your generosity will secure Lee Hub as a sustainable community asset. 

Technology Fund

Businessman typing on laptop

Your donation will support the Lee Hub to buy refurbished laptops or tablets.. These will be used to support learning activities.

 New Book Fund

Your donation will support the Lee Hub New Book Fund to buy new books and the latest titles.


"To work with our community to improve everyone's quality of life and deliver a sustainable future for the Borough“


“Build on our strengths to empower and support our communities and ensure the potential of the borough and all of our residents is achieved”

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