Book Discussion Group

Wednesday 16th February at 7:00pm

Book Discussion Group

We will be borrowing book sets from Hampshire Libraries , to allow us to have up to 14 copies of the books, with large print and audio books included. We can have a set of books each month, giving plenty of time to finish a book before we meet to talk about what we have read.

I have booked the first 2 sets of books for us to read, but I hope that members of our group will take over that task in future months, we can book online or at the library.

I will collect our first set of books on Friday 11 the 11th of February and I would like to offer
WEDNESDAY 16th FEBRUARY at 7 pm to 8pm at LEE HUB for our first meeting .

It cost £40 to access this service from Hampshire Libraries, that provides a set of books every month for a year.

Please could I ask for a donation of £5 for membership of this group, to cover our costs, for the next year? Payable at our first meeting, or call in to lee hub to pay in advance, by cash or card.

Refreshments will be available at 50 p a drink.

I look forward to welcoming you to Lee Hub and celebrating the start of our first book group.

Register your interest and let us know your preferences here: