Treasure Hunt Answers and Winner

Updated: May 12

Thank you to all who entered our Lee Hub Treasure Hunt. We learned a lot from the feedback to hopefully use as we move forward with more plans for the future. Congratulations to the winner Doreen who was drawn in front of an eager crowd at Lee Hub.

  • A big thank you to Norman MacIntosh for the questions and to Nick Van de Weyer for the website, the fabulous video and for Rory the cuddly lion.

  • Thanks to Our friend Aled Jones for reading our superclue, to Harry Rednapp, Lucy Ambache and the wonderful Hugh Bonneville for reading some of our clues and lending their support.

  • Not forgetting the wonderful KatieAnn Designs for designing the hearts and bracelets free of charge to support the Treasure Hunt.

Please pop come back to this website every now and then for future exciting adventures.

Thank you again from The Lee Hub Team x

The Solution

1. The ancient mariner says you can see the sun go down over the island from here. But if you are in this ship, could you really sail into the sunset?

The Old Ship

2. Look to the sky while you have coffee and cake here?

Cafe at Zero 5

3. You’ll need the wind to blow your skirt at this location? The Hovercraft Museum

4. Would a black bird be out of place drinking tea here? Bluebird Cafe

5. Park by the coast, these people watch out for danger from here? Coastwatch NCI Station Lee-on-the-Solent

6. Swap an e for a b in a famous space telescope and mix up the letters to meet here with a good book! Lee Hub 7. The coach will expect some cartwheels at this stage before you have a drink here! The Bun Penny 8. Find a biography and a novel way to write the hobo kops for this place?

The Book Shop

Once you have all of the locations, pick out the letters from the number clue below to make a word:

1-7 2-2 3-8 4-8 5-7 6-1 7-6 8-10

Answer for the 8 letter word is...

DAEDALUS (you needed to count the spaces, as shown in the provided example on the clue sheet!)

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